Friday, December 5, 2008

Where there's smoke...

I hate cigarettes, but aesthetically speaking there are few things more intriguing then smoke. The form swirls around creating this floating organic line, like hair curls, then it dissapates. We really are swimming in air, the atmosphere is like an ocean, only thinner, there are waves and current, and we often forget about air cause its usually invisible to us, but the heavyness of cigarette smoke in particular is like drawing pictures in midair. Like milk swirls in coffee only you can put your fingers through it. There are a lot of examples of film using smoke seductively, my favorite is the recent movie "the 300" which made good use of smoke's mysterious properties in the oracle scene. A girl is tranced into a magical state to talk to the gods, they use a lot of trick photography slow motion and backwards, and the whole time there's this marvelous smoke pouring over her. Good times.

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