Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flame On!

I'm blogging from my room in which i have a few paintings in-progress. The one behind me is of fire spinning. The photo of it is a bit grainy I just took it with my phone. Its painted onto what used to be a frame for a furniture mirror. I made this about a year ago, I had just lit up for the first time, I had practiced poi spinning for a year leading up to the big day. And it was so much better than i even expected. The fire is loud. I wasn't expecting that, it whips around with this beautiful roar. I was in the middle of a grassy field and i was this nice combination of nervous and excited and a little scared and rhythmically at peace. Cause the spinning motion has to be controlled if you like having eyebrows etc, like you could potentially have an accident if you aren't in sync with the rhythm of cyclical motion. So it is this kindof meditative dance movement which is tension and peacefulness at once. The light from the fire was warming and glowing and so a little moth came and landed on my chest. My friend Kate was there and the fire dragon man was watching over me just in case.

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