Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birds and Bees

When explaining maturation to children metaphors are often useful. When i was a child i lived in my father's garden, my every need was provided for me and i was naive to the troubles involved in adult reality. I ran around the yard without my shirt on, and i and my playmates were unaware of our sexuality. But to be a part of the world and to grow into a wiser woman i yielded to curiosity and matured. One might for my own good warn me against heeding the urgings of snakes with devious ideas about tasting luscious fruit, but its a rather tempting offer to turn down. In my adult life i toil and work and sustain myself, i no longer am provided for, and once i procreate i will no doubt toil even more, providing for a family looks exhausting, but saying adam and eve were cast into hell is a bit of an exaggeration, life's not so bad, independence has its privileges.

And would you really be able to say no to anything this lady offered you... :P

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Charles Thomas said...

It would be REALLY hard to say no to that woman. I would certainly accept an apple!