Thursday, December 18, 2008


Have you ever had a crush on someone who is bad for you? Someone so beautiful, that they are irresistable even though to succumb to that desire is gonna cause you nothing but trouble. Drunk Dialing, seranadeing and various ways people make fools of themselves are nothing new. Odyssius happened to have a wife at home which helped him resist the sirens but the other sailors who were not as strong willed sailed toward their song and crashed upon the rocks and were destroyed. I have a fondness for images of this metaphor, its a kind of buyer beware story to warn us against going for that bad idea lover, the succulent mirage that looks so good til you get close and discover its nothing but sand. A stronger person would resist, a hero would tie himself to a tree before falling for the tempation. Hero stories are constructed to teach ideals, what kindof man should one try to be. Homer thinks that you should delete that beautiful asshole’s number.


Anonymous said...

this post really made my day. i was searching for paintings and came across this site. is there a way i can post this part of the blog to my facebook, the post that ends with the comment Homer would make to delete that beautiful asshole's number.

Anonymous said...

forget my last question, i just posted the blog website to my fb instead. good job on the posts nancy