Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Good morning Obama generation, green people who've heard the unfortunate truth, and see in the economy potential for a green revolution, I bring you our future - eco friendly products are our new bling bling. And this guy and his peeps are bring sexy back! They are inventing solar panels which are translucent, they get the energy from a pigment not unlike leaves. And so building glass could be solar panels, and solar panels can be colored glass. I see solar glass usage as the new hot artistic and architectural medium. I see a future of glass rooftops for those who don't want to be grassy, I see the rebirth of buildings with light wells. I see more public spaces mirroring works like the apple cube or the louvre pyramid. They have solar panels shaped like roof tiles for regular houses, I see the hot christmas item being intricately designed stained glass solar panels. The aesthetic of a new emphasis on having quantities of glass, and since eco consciousness is fashionable, I'd say a slightly ostentatious presentation of the glass's usefulness, is a new element which will change the way new buildings look. The times square ticket booth is the first of many ecogreen public uses of glass. From a design perspective its exciting to think of the aesthetic possibilities and what styles may prevail.

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