Monday, December 1, 2008

Signora Giovanelli

I took a painting class in Florence and la Signora was kind enough to sit for us. This was in 1999, in my beloved tuscany.

This was the first painting after my epic trip to la musea d'orsay. The only time i was in Paris which was such an amazing inspiring adventure. I saw the Paintings there in person while i was taking an oils class back in florence, so i had oil mixing on the mind and the musea d'orsay has the best collection of impressionist art in the world. I also met Rodin and Camile Clausel there in paris for the first time, the sculptors who got me to sculpt. Anyway the painting above is the first thing i made when i got back from paris and in many ways the start of a different style for me.

i Miss paris i Really love europe

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