Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Legend of Creepy Trees

There's this forest in central pennsylvania, not far from where i went to school, which has a very creepy air to it. When you look around there's something not quite right about this group of trees. They appeared to have been planted, since they're almost grid like, and they have few branches which make them look like a bunch of telephone poles on death row. The canopy provides shade but as non of the leaves grow at a mid level the overall color as you gaze across is a muted grey. Me and emily went there a few times and were going to create an awesome photoshoot. There was going to be a woman in a dres, something colorful like red, and the fabric was going to boldly flow like a drop of color in the form of a damsel scurrying across this grey cold world.
That was me and em's last collaboration, this is the current one, dueling blogs - check out her keen eye for interior design at http://www.ruleof3s.blogspot.com/

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