Wednesday, December 3, 2008


After achieving a successful career in photorealistic painting, large scale insanely detailed portraits of regular looking people, chuck close suffered a spinal arterial collapse and became paralysed from the neck down, but somehow manages to keep at it, he got through enough therapy to recover minor movement in his arms and amazingly was able to continue to paint by strapping paint brushes to himself. His later work uses a series of dots in a gridded pointalism technique which morphs photorealism into a pixelized opt art style, still maintaining the format of large scale portraiture of everyday regular looking people.

Talk about overcoming adversary. There's that dude who says he can't paint til he can afford a bigger space to work in, there's the chick who doesn't have time because of her day job, there's the mope who feels discouraged for lack of clients so watches tv and balks, .... and then there's THIS GUY the lance armstrong of the painting world, remove even his ability to manuver his limbs and he'll find a fucking way to paint. Beyond being a talented artist with a vision, he's livestrong, he's a symbol of surmounting the insurmountable

So get Off your Ass!

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