Monday, December 1, 2008

Livin the Dream

Surrealism doesn't just have to be melting clocks, realistic paintings delicately depicting dreamscapes often is the best of both worlds, concept and craft both excelling harmoniously. I also love that the braid is in her face. Could you imagine the guts it took to have a perfect painting and opt of to mask off part of her face, the result is awesome. I used to watch bob ross and scream when he wanted to paint a tree in the foreground which cut into and covered some of his sky and mountains, he'd say now another happy little tree and i'd be going Noooo! and in the end it always looked good but i'd be all scepticle and then relieved when he'd pull it together. Here the braid offers the exposed subject something to shyly hide behind so her look is a kindof timid feminine peek at us, and it reinforces the movement of the swing and makes the whole thing seem more like a candid snapshot.

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