Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My obsession with underwater photography

There's thousands of examples out there of underwater photography and why it completely rocks. If you can manage to get your model to not make that face - yknow the help i'm under water and there's no air here face :) The possibilities are just amazing. I especially like how fabric comes out. Also hair has extraordinary potential. You kinda need to take a million shots to come up with something good i imagine. Other underwater cherished artistic moments have taken place in film. See scenes from Julie Taymor's Across the Universe, or Kate Winslet singing underwater in Romance and Cigarettes, Or even the way they drew Ariel's hair in the little mermaid. Or Check out Gregory Colbert's zen like photo installation 'ashes and snow' which featured film of people doing flips under water next to an actual swimming whale. Mystical.

Once upon a time i joined a gym to make a photo shoot involving fabric underwater, they were not thrilled at the idea, the search for a good venue continues...

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