Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Avant Garde Architecture

Gaudi taught us more than just the value of mosaic even on large scale, He made dreamtastic brilliant works that defy convention. Who said walls are straight or flat. His undulating organic forms have become the main stop on any touring agenda of barcelona, his churches houses parks and sculptures are celebrated for their creativity. Cookie cutter boxy buildings come and go 5 up today 10 torn down tomorrow.. But the visionaries who heard Gaudy's crazy architecture plans and decided to give him a chance funded greatness. Stone hallways that look like a crashing wave, pillars like forests, ceilings like the plaster has become rippling water, balconies that appear to have grown organically into their form like bone or tree roots. This kindof creation does not happen often not because it is expensive so much as because the artist has been cut out of the loop in most cases. Originality is undervalued in our culture, its even feared. Despite all evidence to the contrary, people feel their investment is safer if what they build doesn't stand out in anyway.
Mcdonalds and Denny's replace charming restaurants, pawn takes queen.

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