Monday, December 1, 2008

Narcissism's little sister

I've been searching the internet over the past few days searching for painting references for this new piece I'm making. I'm thrilled at how useful google images is, I was looking for a specific painting which I have not yet found but on the way i've been collecting a beautiful image bank of new exciting works and old favorites like the Rockwell above. I have a new fascination with paintings of people's backs. I feel like I could sit easier in a room if the paintings depicted people who aren't facing me. This one doesn't rreally count in that category because of the full length mirror but the character interacting with herself all self consciously comparing her features to a magazine's model is charming and resonates as a true human moment. Rockwell was always good for that, distilling a moment into its juicy charming center, its fragile human truth. This image also reminds me of facebook.

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