Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Its hard to find a good mask. There's a lot of masquerade balls for new years eve and I would love to have a bad ass beautiful mask. The most popular is the venetian style, but I find that is hard to find one of those that actually look good on, and while its cute to carry one around on a stick the ones that are kept on tend to be too clunky and stifelling plus they mask too much, its hard to communicate without seeing eachother's facial expressions. So my favorite masks are light and airy. They are more pretty and flattering because they show your face while still masking you technically. To take a look at modern fashion icons rocking light masks check out Kirstin Dunst as Marie aintoinette, and that chick from gossip girl in a metalic cut paper looking lacey thing that kinda blends in with her hair in a way. Paris has on a lighter venetian half face mask that plays more like a feathery hat. I may make myself something like the gold one when i get a chance.

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