Thursday, December 11, 2008

Set Design Me a Dream

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events featured images of this kindof fantasy architecture. Its victorian only more so and its focusing on the most peculiar examples, exaggerating the forms into almost surreal proportions. There is also a current of fine craftsmanship. Stone work, wood work like art nouveau cabnitry, huge fireplaces and chimneys, Towers, round windows, Gothic arches. See also harry potter, casper, adam's family, moulan rouge, lord of the rings (especially hobbiton)... if only this trend would be more prevalant in real life. Set designers get an opportunity to be much more expressive and creative with their architecture and interior designs. I would like to see more victorian charicatures in the real world. for now i'll thank hollywood for making so many of my dream spaces

note - usually in film victorian spaces are depicted as dilapidated haunted disorienting and dangerous, its all modernist propaganda, hobbiton is the best example of the glowy warm belly rub smiles one gets from stained wood, vistas, arches and windowsills

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heathnaylor said...

thats exactly what ive been thinking.... also the house from Mouse Hunt. the designs that you mentioned are or serious interest to me as well. just yesterday i was trying to find pictures of the casper set for inspiration for a few sketches but i cant find photos online :( ----- Heath