Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fitting In

I have been a fan and advocate of body painting for years, in college i used to draw intricate designs on people at parties and festivals. I even considered being a tattoo artist for a time. Lately I have been creating paintings of tattooed people. Anyway here are some camoflage images i found online which i find inspiring. I like the idea of the subject being painted or dressed in a way that they blend into the background. Its an interesting way to create a surreal or almost abstract looking image while maintaining representational integrity. I enjoy works that combine media.

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simon hawk said...

Love love love this post, i think we should roll with it and incorporate it into our photo shoot! I am especially taken by the "same fabric same backdrop" concept a lot...maybe we can get some sweet fabric and make a dress or shirt out of it then use it for a backdrop an shoot it!?!?!