Monday, December 1, 2008

Tactile vs Texile

Being a designer/ illustrator in the new millenium means working on a computer. I create art in much the same way they used to in the day, but the majority is drawn directly into the computer. My paints are waiting for me to have free time while i click buttons and draw and paint without ever getting my hands dirty. But the result is my cubical job like any other has me tethered to a machine in a box without sunlight, like veal. There is a tactile experience to traditional media that i love cherish and crave. Having my hands dipped in mud, smelling the oils, the thick wet smooth paint, the squish of the clay, the full body movement of massaging a layerof sky onto the bouncing fabric...
My goal is to create more images using traditional media, either as fine art or as textile design, i know it takes longer to produce, but the quality is higher and the process is how i want to spend my days.
though i will miss command-Z

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