Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kinetic Sculpture

There is a school of thought which believes art should be interactive, museums where people are encouraged to touch things. I am not into that. I like to get close to art, nose right up to the paintings examining every detail, but i feel like an alarm is gonna or should go off in the case of touching in a museum. I do however love when art interacts with wind. Kinetic sculptures are fascinating. Like wind chimes, but for the eyes instead. They sell some beautiful ones at the psu arts fest every year and i love to gaze at them and think of wind, my invisible friend waving hi.

In searching for examples of this craft i found the art of Theo Jansen of which i can only manage to say Holy Shit!

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heathnaylor said...

moving gears and such makes me happy esp. if there is no real pourpose... i susspect that why i like old weighted clocks (the seven day clock in montechelo "jefferson's birth place" is really quite amasing. check it out