Monday, January 26, 2009

Zee Ink

I recently went to Jules Jazz Bistro to drink wine hear music and read a book at the bar (one of my favorite ways to spend an evening) After a while I got to talking to the guy next to me named Zee. He offered me a ink temp tattoo for a dollar, which got me so excited. In college I used to draw on people a lot and on myself a lot. I used to go to parties and decorate my friends. It brought back memories for me and made me very happy, he did very col work, which sadly i didn't photograph so i put some cool ink above to illustrate my love of body art. Though the permanence of actual tattoos is prohibative, drawing on yourself or your friends with a pen is a great way to express your inner punk for a couple days. The discussion of what sort of ink or paint to work with is a whole other story but here's a nod to Zee.

Incidentally Zee actually went to high school in Iran with the author of the novel and subject of the movie Persepolis, he's mentioned in the book as well. If you get a chance i reccomend this film, don't be fooled by the fact that its animated, this is an autobiography of a girl who grew up in Iran, its an inde film thats very informative and politically relevant, as well as entertaining.

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