Monday, January 26, 2009


I found stepbrothers to be a beautifully inspirational family comedy. It was motivational in a very cool way, similar to 'run fat boy run' it poked fun at the loser, the down and out underacheiver and encouraged them to get it together. The Underdog anti heros are loveable and tragically flawed and just need some encouragement to be the best they could be. The movie simultaneously pokes fun at the 40 year old virgin who failed to launch, but also portrays the charaters very lovingly, the victims of classroom bullying and divorced parent post traumatical induced lazyness. Like the 'just shoot me' brother who feigned retardation to never work. Or the will ferrel bit part in wedding crashers, the 2 main characters in step brothers are an archetype of percentage of adults who could use some encouragement. This movie holds a mirror up to your fat ass and dares you to give trying a chance. Cause we can all in this world apply ourselves just a little more it is inspirational to even employed successful adults. Its an off beat comedy of dysfunctional families and my favorite is how the parent characters are so human, torn between wanting to take care of and nuture their kids and wanting to not enable nor endure their behavior anymore. And there was a few subtle hints about the benefits of going to therapy and taking meds which i thought was very subtley and tastfully thrown in there, cause to overdo that would have not been good, but a couple very subtle advocacies of psychiatric assistance for those in real need was good. Whats great about this movie is that it covers deep and relevant subject matter while remaining a comedy and an upbeat one at that. The two main characters the step brothers are hilarious and just so fun to watch. I totally laughed my ass off. Its one of those live your dream and fly your flag and try to be successful cause that would be cool kinda things.

The other funny thing is that i am friends with will ferrel's brother, who is a phd student in ny, such a nice guy (not at all like the movie character generally speaking, very much like will in humor)... Anyway he does happen to have a big booming voice that you can hear a city block away. I had never thought of it before but i bet it would be a pretty good singing voice if he were so inclined.

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