Monday, January 12, 2009

Painting Update 2

So here's a progress report on my new piece, i worked on it last night. I discovered something very important actually, as it turns out i need a chaperone to paint land. OK I don't Need one, but I found myself much more motivated to continue when I had someone to chat with. I am going to make a habit of asking people over and providing them with art supplies and even instruction in exchange for company while I work. I'd get so much more done if I didn't feel the need to wander into the tv room to chat with peoples. Its also an inexpensive way to hang all happily. This piece is about 5 feet tall so i imagine i can use 6 - 12 more sessions with it to get the detail i'm hoping for, though we'll see, sometimes on the way from abstract to realistic i find a midway point intriguing and opt to leave it as such, so we'll see where this one goes. Times Square in too much detail is all business logos, and i know i'm not going there with it, so we'll see. For now I'm hoping to focus on the light and forms...

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