Saturday, January 17, 2009


One of my dearest friends ever is my little chris. He and i went to art school together, and painted this magical attic, and he taught me how draw with lit matches. And thats how i paid for forr in paris, exchanging lit match drawings for cash and edibles... well that and watercolors. Anyway Chris has formed an aliance with this dude Vort who is also pretty damn cool. The two of them collaborate on paintings, typically vort does the background and chris the foreground, though they mix it up and are experimental. Anyway they fun part is they are live artists. Which is to say they paint at music venues during the performance, their drawings are based on the music, and painted during the set. They make several a night and they are for sale, pretty affordably for original artwork. And since they accompany bands they tour from city to city as a music group would. They are living off painting this way.

Their advice is paint PAINT Paint everyday. Paint quickly and pass out cards, paint Everyday. What are you doing tomorrow?? Answer: PAINTING

Pep talk received. Thank you sir may i have another.

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VORCAN said...

Paint! paint! PAINT!