Monday, January 12, 2009


My crush on wigs goes back to my obsession with movies. Actors get to change their look dramatically from project to project. Having grown up with that as the backdrop to my life I desire to be a shape shifter too. Its funny how your look defines you and how dressing differently for a night can be like walking in someone else's shoes for a bit. Plus I am always fantasizing about doing permanent things to my hair like cutting it short or straightening it or dying it some crazy color. So to preserve the integrety of my curly reddish locks, i have a few wigs. I wore one to a party this weekend, and find its a great accessory in the winter since its pretty warm. Its like wearing a hat kinda, only has the potential to look so much cooler. Above are some hot moments in wigs, there are so many weaves and extensions and wigs in hollywood. Totally fun.

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