Monday, January 12, 2009

Party Idea: Game time - How to play "i never"

Its a drinking game and it goes like this:
- Everybody get a drink and sit relatively in a circle
- Go around the circle each person taking a turn
- When its your turn you finish the sentence "I never....."
- Anyone in the game who has done the thing that is named has to drink

for instance if the person who's turn it is says "I have never had sex" anyone who is not a virgin has to drink, this may include the person who's turn it is.

I have never been to paris
I have never written a blog
I have never painted my toe nails
I have never had sex in a bed

i would have had to drink four times so far...


An alternate way of playing is to mix it with strip or spin, so the person who's turn it is has the option of saying "i never...", stripping off a pieces of clothing, or spinning the bottle and kissing whoever it points to.

(Though that's a fun combination its maybe a bit too complicated an alternative as so many choices causes some chaos among the drunken- just sayin)

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