Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take THAT Street Dog!

Ok So this is a dinner I made tonight, Its my take on the nyc street hot dog - its basically what I wish a hot dog tasted like (but i they are always disappointing so i don't eat them) But in a perfect world...

Need a BBQ Grill
Serves 2 or three

In a medium frying pan toss in a swig of olive oil, 6 cut up cloves of garlic, and one big yellow onion, cut it on the equator, then with parallel lines to make the semi circles that separate into shoestrings. Fry up til they soften, then add: three tablespoons of ketchup, salt pepper, five or six shakes of tobasco sauce and about a cup of pineapple chunks (mine were leftover grilled ones from the night before, fresh ones can go in at the same time as the onions) Stir and saute that up til its all warm and the onions are soft, that's yer slaw for on top, serve as a hot condiment for on your dog.

Next Get 5 or six sweet italian sausage links fresh. put them in a pan of water on the stove top on medium, let them boil for about 5-10 minutes, you want them almost cooked through. Then turn the grill on high outside and brown them on the bbq. Serve on grill toasted regular hot dog buns. with mustard and ketchup on the plate.

For a side dish I made mixed fried vegetables.

I usually really don't like frying things, but the night before I made a spice boil of vegetables to accompany some live crabs I was cooking up, so I have left over veggies. They were really good the first time around but would be too soft to just warm up again so I opted to fry them for some more crunch, mostly cause I never had a fried brussel sprout before. Anyway, so I will give you the veggie boil recipe in case you want to try that too...

I Filled a pot with two beers lots of seasoned salt, lots of pepper, parsley, garlic, about a cup of water, and brought it to a boil, tossed in three or 4 red potatoes cut into hunks (skin on - eyes off) When they were nearly there, I put in a can of corn (including can juice), frozen brussel sprouts, some chopped up radish greens. When it was all a good consistency, I removed them from the boil and tossed in the live crabs... So the veggies remained veggie and made a nice side dish... After a night in the fridge they, plus some zuchini slices, were made into a side dish for this meal

To fry up mixed veggies, I dipped them in egg then rolled them in a flour mixture and fried them in a pan of hot canola oil. The Flour Mixture goes like this: a cup and a half of flour, half a cup of parmesian, salt and pepper, some parsley and some seasoned salt. After they fry up put them on a paper towel and squeeze on some lemon juice.

Served with a Saladless Salad. One Cucumber peeled and cut, one tomato, some olives, and that's it, dress with oregano, olive oil, and lemon juice.

YUM! You will never go papaya doggin again. :)

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