Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fancy's Chunky Gumbo Stew

Hi, Soooo - This rocked my world

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Fancy's Chunky Gumbo Stew


2 fresh chorizo sausages

4 cloves of garlic

extra virgin olive oil

three red potatoes cubed medium skin on (scrubbed)

half a big yellow onion cubed medium

4 peppers, i used a variety - 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 large poblano (medium size pieces)

10 okras cut into thick circles, seeds included - ends not

4 jalepenios cut into thick circles, seeds included - ends not

1 can of white beans rinsed

1 little can of tomato paste

most of a beer (corona)



fresh cracked black pepper

1 big portabello mushroom cubed medium

1 lb fresh shrimp peeled deveined and tail off

half a bunch of cilantro, mostly leaves barely chopped

Ok Soooo:

put a shot of olive oil in the bottom of a big soup pan

put in the 2 chorizo sausages

brown them thoroughly in a very hot pan, take them off before they're cooked put them in a side dish and then chop up the veggies, when the sausage is less hot slice it into circles

toss in the garlic heat the pan, throw in sausage slices, onions, potatos, and peppers. fry them up a bit.

add the beans and the jalepenios and half a beer, plus 5 shakes of tabasco, lower heat and slap on the lid (try to keep the lid on from now til serving)

put in the tomato paste, pepper, basil, the rest of the beer and stir it up real good - simmer

add the okra and mushrooms, stir

rinse out the shrimp real good toss in, stir in well , and add the cilantro (save about a quarter of the cilantro for a garnish) the shrimp cooks quick so as soon as its in you are about ready to serve. turn off heat and make a side quesidilla :)

for a side i made a pepperjack quesidilla, just 2 big flour tortillas with pepperjack melted in between (frying pan and flip)- cut like a pizza n drop a dollup of sour cream on top :)

And that's about it :) Spoon into a big bowl and top with a little pepperjack cheese and a dollup of sour cream and some fresh cilantro on top

yummy :)

serves 5-6

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