Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mom's Bday Shrimp BBQ Recipe

So me and my family had a yummy dinner the other night and i thought I might write down the recipe

Sorry no photo, it went gone too fast to document :)

feeds 5 grown ups and 2 tiny tots :)

So super simple,

you need a bbq and two alumininum pans that fit in there,

in one tray put peppers, i used about 4 or 5 cut up in medium sized pieces, I used a variety, two light green ones, two green bells and a red, but yknow whatever ya got, ad a few swigs of olive oil and some parsley and black pepper, and a dash of oregano

in the other tray do the shrimp, grab a two pound bag of frozen uncooked, take off their shells and tails and devein them, rinse well. toss them in the tray with 6 cloves garlic all cut up, a few swigs of olive oil, a stick of butter, parsley, pepper, some montreal steak seasoning, and the juice of two fresh lemons.

put them on the bbq, the pepper tray take about 10 minutes and the shrimp about five so stagger putting them in. Don't overcool the shrimp, when they are pink they are done so look out. Make a whole box of bow tie pasta and when everythings done combine it all in one big yummy bowl, and serve :)

follow it up with a salad

Good Times!!

Happy 70th MOM!!

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