Monday, February 22, 2016

diabetic friendly recipes

I've been doing a lot of research on the best things for someone who is diabetic to eat to be healthy and to also enjoy their food.

when you talk about diet in terms of what you're not allowed to eat it becomes a bit of putting because it just sounds like you were having to follow rules and nobody if that's so, I am endeavoring to write down the delicious things that I've been eating, which happened to be diabetic friendly and adhere to the recommendations of my dietician. 

A lot of diabetic recipe books recommend that you measure everything while you're eating. This can cause many times stress because it's hard to think about this while you're just trying to have dinner. so instead of writing a bunch of recipes for main dishes or side dishes I'm trying to assemble full meal recipes so that one portion is one pleats worth of food and the amount you should eat a meal, balanced to have 15g of 'slow carb' per meal.

the fast carbs which  should always be avoided include: white flour, white rice, juice, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners,

The following meal is created to serve both the diabetic diet and the low iodine diet which prohibits the following:
no: dairy, seafood, seaweed, salt, tofu, soy products, eggs, bakery bread, potato skins,

this happens to also be sodium free and gluten-free

breakfast: banana, black coffee

snacks: walnuts, an apple, peppermint tea

appetizer: guacamole with celery sticks

dinner: chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers


- 1 avocado
- 1tbsp minced shallots
- 1 small tomato
- 1/2 a Lemon's juice
- cracked pepper
3-4 big celery sticks 


cilantro chicken with shallots and lemon and pepper
- 4  minced shallots
- lemon peel
- cracked pepper
-olive oil
- 3lb-4lb chicken breast : Cut chicken breast into chicken tender shaped strips. Brown both sides of the chicken. Then put on: 
- 1/2 cup minced cilantro
-  juice of half a lemon


shishito peppers:
- one cup shishito peppers whole, not cut not chopped not trimmed just washed. Dry and pan fry hot Oliveoil until they start to pop. Cooks very quickly five minutes
-cracked pepper


one chilled and vine ripened small tomato chopped up with fresh basil and balsamic vinager drizzle


for the carbohydrate I cook this for several portions at once and it lasts for days it's a potato dish and when you reheat it you take just as much as you need and fry it in the skillet, potatoes heat up very easily because they get crisp edges that add to the goodness. 

Note: diabetics should eat1/2 cup of "Slow"carbohydrates per meal

roast potatoes:
(serves 8 to 10?)
-6 large potatos, peeled n chopped into chunks
-1 whole small bulb of garlic, minced 
-fresh rosemary 8 lil branches minus the twigs chopped up
- generous amount of olive oil
- tons of cracked pepper
350 til crispy 1-2hours 

brussel sprouts
- 2lbs halved vertically 
- generous amount of olive oil
- tons of cracked pepper
350 til crispy 1-2hours 
outer leaves should be brown when u take this out, like potato chips,

cook potatos n brisseels in different pans so you can monitor cook time but they will take nearly the same amount of time and these store well together

to serve leftovers fry 1/2cup per person in a skillet (makes a good crisp edge)


so all if the above is gluten free and dairy free and salt free and kosher-friendly


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