Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lima Bean Pesto Encrusted Tilapia :)



Here's a new fish recipe I made tonight and loved. It is a kindof hummus pesto using some original ingredients, spread on a couple of pieces of fish. On the side there is a carrot dish that rocks and goes well with the fish. That plus some basmati rice and roasted tomato makes for a super yummy dinner. I use a bbq to make all of this though you could just as easily cook it inside.. soooo here's the recipe :)

The pesto I used is a mix of two kinds of pesto, some that i had on hand (made by G) and some that i made just then,  so i'm going to include the ingredients of both, to be true to what i made, but if you are low on ingredients you can use regular pesto..

mint, basil, gruyere, parmesian, pistachios, walnuts, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic,

put all that in a food processor and grind it to a pesto paste.

Plus Lima Bean Puree:

Add in lima beans.
I used fresh lima beans from shells, I shucked them, and unshelled there was about 1 cup of them which i boiled til they were vegetable soft. *Drain them. And add them to the food processor (that has the pesto in it). The result should be a  flavorful paste :)

- Last thing to add to the pesto paste is 1 egg yolk. Toss that in the processor right before you are ready to use it and  give it a spin

*I strained the lima bean water onto the already cleaned and cut up carrot slices to blanch them. (using the bean water adds some vitamins. )

I took four pretty carrots and sliced them at an angle so they are long ovals almost penne shaped,  and put them in a bbq friendly pan (no plastic handles!) Drop on the lima bean water, should be about a cup or two, then add 1/ 3rd a stick of butter, parsley, fresh rosemary, a cup of wine, and a dash of salt and pepper. (its ready for the bbq)

Take 4 tilapia filets:
In a round cake pan put four pieces of tilapia, first put down two. Add the *paste as a center layer then put ontop the other two like 2 fish sandwiches. Add some fresh basil leaves.

 Put the two top fish pieces on and cover them with a thick paste. Top with a dash of parmesian and a couple basil leaves. The thick coating locks in the steam so the fish cooks to be very tender.

Important: In the same pan as the fish take a medium / large tomato and cut it in half, put the two halves face down in the pan

To Grill:
Put the carrots in first on the bottom with the heat on pretty low, put the fish on the top to cook slower. cook for about 20 mins, when the carrots sizzle and most of their water has gone, raise the heat to medium and cook til ready, the carrots are ready when they are tender, the fish is ready when the tomato on the pan is stewy, if you can poke into it with your finger then the fish is likely done.

serve carrots with a tab of butter on top and serve with a side of basmati rice

Soo Yum :)

Pictures to come

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