Friday, June 12, 2009

Arrr Pirates Poised to Plunder EU - Parlay?? or Partay?

here is a manifesto of the 'pirate party' whom i have just heard about due to their winning a seat in some election in europe. here is what they're about, I am so on board 100% with their right to privacy stuff, but their main agenda is freedom of information and reform of copyright laws. I'm a little unsure of how people who create things, like music or software or novels or medicines, would be paid/funded if their creations become public domain. but this group believes pretty strongly that everything would work better that way... or maybe they all agree they like free shit? lemme know if you have any wisdom on this piracy topic. I'm inclined to supporting them since i've 'stolen' music etc, that and i like bottles of rum. But should i be concerned about the credit where credit is due? Will their radical ideas on revamping copyright laws infringe on people's rights to profit from their inventions?

Help strawberry find her way home!

do you consider classic strawberry shortcake as boho chic, a homespun fashion disaster, or a tokyo amiyumi harajuku techno punk poppet ???


its like a game! what if she got amnesia and we needed to figure out where she belonged based on her alfit!

so check it out i made a lil road map, which way should strawberry go, to the right she can wear her baggy floral print dress with ruffles and pattern mixing and crocheted bag to some posh soho martini party, or she can stay home and watch tv with her grandmother who made her the patchwork smock and poofy hat by hand, or she could rock those hot colors striped socks pompom details and eyelit trimmed lace bloomers out to some hot techno rave in tokyo!

Which do you think our lil miss shortcake was going for when she got dressed this morning??